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Dental Professionals

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve dentists in the East Tennessee area by providing dental implant services to their patients. It is my desire to make the discipline of dental implantology efficient, exciting, and fun for the referring doctor.

I would like to offer you and your patients the implant services that will make your job as a restorative dentist easier. You control the case, whether you want a provisional abutment and crown, definitive abutment, provisional crown or master impression with the analogs. It is up to you. All you would need to do is seat the definitive crown if you wish, not having to bother with wrenches, screws or drivers.

We offer all types of tissue augmentation: blocks, particulates, sinus elevation, soft tissue and onlay tunnel grafts, using both allograft and autogenous grafts as needed. My desire is to provide all implant-related services to you and your patients.

We can offer the general dentist the ability to simply take a traditional master impression without having to worry with parts and pieces of the many complicated implant systems. Our knowledge of restorative and cosmetic dentistry can provide an aesthetically-driven result. Because of my restorative dentistry background, I supply the patient with a provisional treatment crown in the anterior smile-line region over the final abutment, or a healing comfort cap over the final abutment in the posterior region. This allows you, the referring dentist, the ability to simply remove the provisional and take a routine crown and bridge impression in a fraction of the time. This result is fewer patient appointments and a better aesthetic result. All patients are given the choice of oral or intravenous sedation during their implant therapy.

We are excited to announce that Dr. Griffin is now the Director and Faculty Chair of the Midwest Implant Institute of Tennessee. The instructional and clinical courses are taught at the Cornerstone Dental Arts facility. Contact our office for more information.


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Our Mission

To provide dental implant therapy to individuals seeking restoration and transformation from the loss of one or more teeth. Our goal is to provide our patients an environment of trust, and to enable them to regain confidence in their ability to chew and to smile.